Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First Actual Writers' Conference

Although not a western in the way of the traditional western, e.g., cowboys and Indians and the like, novelist J. A. Jance writes stories set in the modern West, at least one of her novels was set in Bisbee and Tucson, Arizona. I know because I just finished reading Desert Heat, the first Joanna Brady mystery. Mrs. Jance writes mysteries, but this is the only one of hers I've read, and I picked it up on the cheap, a pocketbook in its 10th or 20th printing (one of these days I'll have to learn how to distinguish what printing a book is actually in).

I procured this book in preparation for the Avondale Writers Conference, not knowing anything about the author or the material she writes, although I've seen a number of her works displayed in the bookstores. Ms. Jance was scheduled to be the keynote speaker and have a book signing afterward, and I thought I should at least know a little about her before she appeared, hoping that I would be able to have a brief conversation with her about writing or whatever. Fat chance of that as it turned out. After her remarks at the end of the day, I attempted to get close enough to speak with her, but there were so many other writers or attendees that had the same idea, that I was on the fringe of a mob rushing to her table. Another opportunity lost, but I had to leave.

As it was, I enjoyed the conference and the speakers, but there were no editors or agents there as far as I could determine.

My perspective on Desert Heat in the next post (?).

A 10-gal. hat holds around 3qts., enough for a quick rinse-off on a hot desert day or about the same as a good boot (cowboy, not the KITA-type) .


  1. I love Jance's Joanna Brady series. She has this great knack for making you feel the heat and desolation of the area around Bisbee and those points often play into both the crimes and solving of those crimes. Good stuff!

  2. Yep, I enjoyed reading her book and maybe I'll get to some of the others, time permitting. Thanks.

  3. Was the Avondale Writers Conference in Avondale, Arizona? If not, where was it held?

    I too, enjoy Joanna Brady novels by J. A. Jance. It's enjoyable to trace the journeys of the characters on a map, even if it's only in my mind's eye at times.

  4. Marsha: Yes, it was in Avondale, AZ, at the City Hall on the 2nd of Oct. Since her novel was in fairly familiar territory, it was fun following along to the various sites.