Sunday, October 10, 2010

Journal, 1850 (Cont'd)

After getting organized and arranged for the trip to the Rockies, there were a total of 105 wagons, 476 people and their cattle, horses, sheep, etc. In May they set off in two groups of 50 (there terminology) and leap-frogged across the plains. If one group was delayed, the other group kept traveling. There were delays due to broken wagon tongues, broken wheels, animals wandering off, creeks running high from dreadful storms, etc.

There was an outbreak of cholera, which plagued the parties with several dying. My g-gpa fell sick in July, not from cholera, but a severe cold with lung trouble and was out of action for a few days. They passed several graves of those headed to California on July 12 of those who had died in June.

On July 23, 1850, they reached Ash Hollow and stopped for wagon repairs. [They have been traveling for two months now and are still in Nebraska! That gives you some idea of the speed of travel in those days, what with all the mishaps, the deep sandy spots, breakdowns, storms, etc., not an easy job.]


  1. I'm enjoying these excepts, Oscar.

  2. I'm guessing they needed to get to Independence Rock in Wyoming by the 4th of July to be on schedule...

  3. David, Thanks.

    Ron, if they planned to be at Independence Rock by July 4, they're a little late. Skimming ahead a few pages, it's not mentioned in the journal, although Chimney Rock, Scott's Bluff and Devil's Gate are. I think they were having some difficulties as they passed Independence. We'll know next post, I think.

  4. Must have been a tough time for all. Thanks Oscar.

  5. Yes, it was a tough job getting all those people and animals through the sand and brush, gullies, streams, etc.