Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Writing Life


This thing I call rejection-itis
Lingers on my mind,
Like a case of phlebitis.
After the energy and time,
Writing all those lines,
Along comes an envelope,
With a message of no-hope,
Quote, "The writing is neat,
But not quite complete,
Not enough action,
Not enough traction.
Suspense is lacking,
The plot is cracking,
In the middle of it all,
Casting a giant pall.
No passion,
No emotion.
The ending, an atrocity,
Lost its velocity.
Throw it in the trash.
There won't be any cash."
Try again,
Try again,
Try again.


  1. Loved it! That's some terrific poetry there.

    (Full of passion and emotion.)

  2. Thanks, Dave. Poetry, in the main, is incomprehensible to me, but once in awhile, I find it fun to play with.