Thursday, April 22, 2010

Painting the West

Lying on my driveway this morning was a publication called "Sun Life," which prints items regarding the Northwest Valley section of the Phoenix Metro area. I find this on the driveway monthly and most of the time I do not read it. But this one caught my eye with just two words "Cowgirl Up." Thumbing through the slim pub to the page about the cowgirls, I saw the article which publicizes an event in the little close-by town of Wickenburg at the Desert Caballeros Museum. It is an exhibition of art work by women artists, their paintings of the West, fifty-six women to be exact, taking place now until May 2, 2010. The works can be purchased if so desired.

Everyone (men, women, children) interested in art and in the West should  take a ride out there and take a gander at the these fine art paintings and maybe buy one for the home, that spot that needs something special there above that lamp or over the couch or in the man-cave, you know exactly where it'll fit right in.

(No money or gift was received for this post.)


  1. The show you mention sounds like my cup of tea. I couldn't imagine a home without art.

  2. I hope to make it out there before it ends, but road construction going on between here and there may change my mind.

  3. Hope you make it Oscar. Sounds good.

  4. I'll have to figure out a different route than normal. Might have to take the long way.