Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, I've been doing the blog-reading thing the last couple of days catching up on some of the latest and some of the newer ones and haven't been thinking much about my own blog writing. There are over a million different blogs offering advice and material, ideas, whatever, on about anything and everything. Every individual who blogs or just reads blogs can't ever touch all of them even reading 24/7, and who can do that for very long?

Some of the them are very boring, and some of them are repetitious. Blogging about the same thing can't be avoided although the subject matter available to write about is too numerous to calculate. With over a million doing it, you're bound to write about the same things in some instances, or was that three million? And searching through them trying to pick out one or more that piques your imagination can be a very long search.

My problem is this. I like to read about anything and everything, so any blog is usually good enough for the pique-ing, but I find that doing it hour after hour the pique-ing turns to BORING. And it always ends up this way. I start out determined to pay attention to all the blogs (you never know when you hit a great one, that is, one you've really wanted to read), but you do know when you run across one of the boring ones. Even entering a particular subject to search can become boring, boring, boring after the first one or two hundred.
I've always had a secret desire to be an astonomer, so maybe next time I'll search that subject. Then again, what the hell, I don't have time to waste on it. Maybe I'll search for prairie dogs. At least it has a western or country sound to it. If I can't find a blog about 'em, I'll bet there'll be a website or two I can read.


  1. Know the feeling. Know the disappointment too, of finding someone who lists x,y and z amongst their interests, but then writes a blog about baking cakes.

  2. Uh-huh! I think something similar happens to me on occasion, when my mind goes blank and it's blogging time again.