Thursday, December 31, 2009


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! To one and all. I think that includes about everyone.

Now for some really bad news. What's with people and knives? On the news this AM a man stabbed his wife, she died on the way to the hospital. In the Salt Lake Tribune, man stabbed at party. I was reading the police reports for last month in my old neighborhood. There were sixteen burglaries, two stolen vehicles, three assaults, three drug-related crimes and one recovered stolen vehicle. Cheez! It used to be a nice, quiet place to live for the most part, or I just didn't know what was really going on, but we moved about eight years ago and the neighborhood went to Hell is my guess. Here in Sun City, the County Sheriff's office reported the following for Oct 26-27, the latest available (only two months behind, what the heck!): One burglary, one injured/sick person (what happened? Did they find him lying on the sidewalk? Or was it a home call? Or did someone just call in and say he was sick or injured? ??), one theft (what did he steal?), one vehicle accident with injuries (now we know what happened in this case), one fraud (what was that about?), and one vehicle accident no injury (thank God!). Damn! We move in and the place goes to Hell!

I received a letter this week from some lawyer in Canada (he sez), that told me a certain feller died and left $17,000,000+ in a Canadian bank, and they think I'm the only heir they can find. (WHOOPEE! I'm rich!) Now, if I would only contact this lawyer (he sez) confidentially......etc.....etc.... I reported this to the local sheriff's office and they told me to call the Attorney General. Well, I couldn't get a hold of him personally to tell him about this, so I asked the lady who answered, What shall I do with this letter? Should I send it to the AG? She replied, Just tear it up! Destroy it! Uh-huh, yah, that's what I did. They probably had three or four hundred reports about this scam already. The only person with my last name that would have that kind of money would be the descendants of J.I., the tractor man, and he would have deposited his money in Michigan, probably, since he was from there. If the lawyer (he sez) would have used a bank there, I might have fell for it, um-hmm.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And watch your wallet, your house, your car, yourself, your family, your dog and everything else! Oh, yes, and welcome to Sun City and the Wild West!

P.S. Start the new year off with a copy of The Stranger from the Valley. My nieces said they liked it and wanted to know when the next one is coming out. I told them sometime in 2010.

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