Friday, October 28, 2016

More Fine Books to Read

I've been busy submitting my short stories for publication and blog time was cut into, but I've found some more books that may be interesting to you, a couple of which I've actually read.

First up is Ferron Creek by Wanda Snow Petersen. Several relatives were born and lived here in Emery County in Central Utah, so I had to read it. It has quite the religious aspect like a lot of Utah books with their Mormon Bishops, other leaders, followers and founders, my family among them. It brought back some memories and is funny, too.

The next one, I think I read some years back, but there are several books about the main character in this one, I, Tom Horn by Will Henry. Was he unfairly found guilty of murdering the 15-year-old boy? It's still being argued. This copy was a library book and it was checked out many times as shown by the dates on the inside cover.

The Rocky Mountain Warden by Frank Calkins. Calkins relates his story of being a game warden in northeastern Utah starting as a "rookie to canny veteran" as it says on the front cover. He even worked at a fishery in suburban Salt Lake City which included the creek that ran through the Murray City park and others near where I went to high school and skinny-dipped in.

The following four books, I haven't got around to, yet:

I almost forgot that I read this last one, Memoirs of a Lawman edited by Wilson Rockwell. The lawman is G. W. (Doc) Shores, sheriff of Gunnison County and U. S. Deputy Marshal in Colorado.
Doc Shores chases down the outlaws, sometimes traveling to different States, but he always got his man. A very interesting read.


  1. I would enjoy the Tom Horn book. Always found his story, as many do, intriguing.

    1. They (certain writers, journalists, etc.) are still arguing the sentence of death for Horn or if he was guilty.

  2. I did like the Tom Horn work. I like a lot of Will Henry's stuff. they made a movie about Tom Horn too, which I liked. I'm not sure but I thought it might have been based partially on this book.

  3. Wikipedia says the movie (1980) was based on Horn's own writings. It starred Steve McQueen as Horn. Will Henry is a fine writer.

  4. David Carradine did a TV bio called, I believe, Mr. Horn. Worth a look.