Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sites - Reading

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I've been reading and trying to absorb some of the information about indie publishing and marketing that's contained in The Indie Author Power Pack, a three-book set covering the subject of indie publishing and marketing, etc. The books are Write, Publish, Repeat by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant; Let's Get Digital (2nd Ed.) by David Gaughran; and How to Market a Book (2nd Ed.) by Joanna Penn. It also contains some Exclusive Content on the subject.

This set has taken me about a month to go through and I'm not completely finished yet. It was slow going in some areas with a lot of detail, all worthwhile to someone trying to learn about indie publishing and marketing. I haven't been able to do any writing on my novel because of this and the usual day-to-day "busy" times, violating one of the rules of the set, which is write, write, write. I've picked up some pointers which I will try out with my new book when it is finished.

This isn't a review of the set, but I can see where it is going to be very helpful in my future writing and would have been on my books already out there, if I had only known.

I purchased the set on Amazon, the Kindle edition, about a year ago.


  1. Looks like a good bunch, I took a look on Amazon but they are no longer available. I am always looking for this type of help book, although I seldom take their advice as it would cause me to over work, something I am opposed to.

  2. If you did everything they suggested, you'd be overworked for sure. I don't want to learn anything too strenuous at this stage of the game.

  3. I resent all the time that publishing and promoting takes away from writing but there seems no choice these days.

  4. I've found one of the finest teachers is trial and error.

  5. Oscar, I have been reading about indie publishing and marketing on Twitter. I feel as if I have opened a can of something. Loads of information out there.