Sunday, November 29, 2015

An E-Book by John Legg, Sheriff's Blood

The Sheriff of San Juan County, Colorado, Jonas Culpepper, is based in Silverton and doesn't very good relations with the town's Sheriff or the Anvil Mining Company or the Federal lawmen in that part of the State. It isn't because he wouldn't like to, but those other people keep interfering in his business. The Federal Marshal was crooked and Culpepper had to throw him and his two deputies out of his office, one through the front window. And things get worse after a train robbery by the Ellsworth gang and Culpepper chases them to attempt to bring them to justice. Things do not go well and he locks up the Feds and heads out again looking for Ellsworth. The Anvil Mining exec, Pennrose, lets the Feds out since he's on the County Board and is thinking he is doing the right thing.

And things get worse when the Feds kidnap Culpepper's wife and go looking for the stash from the train robbery. Culpepper's brother shows up out of work and joins the Sheriff in looking for the stolen money and silver which is supposedly buried in a canyon not far from Grand Junction. And it finally gets to the end of the trail where the Feds throw in with Ellsworth and there is a big showdown.

I found this story entertaining, stirring, and rather wordy with a number of grammatical errors that should have been caught. I can't say I didn't like it, because I did and would give it three and three-quarters stars.

John Legg has published more than 55 novels and is a copy editor with the New York Times News Service, so says his bio, and I'm sure he may not have re-read the story before it was published. In any event, I thoroughly enjoyed Sheriff's Blood. It is one of six books in the Western Best Sellers Box Set by the Western Fictioneers..


  1. I have yet to try any of the boxed sets but looks like it might be the way to go - find a new writer I like. Mr. Legg has certainly been a buys writer, 55 books is a bunch. Might give one of his a try.