Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fifth of July

I've experienced some great Independence Days and regretted them on the fifth of July. I usually woke up with a terrible headache and half-sick with a wonderful hangover. AAAGH! Those days included mostly beer among the champagne, cognac, wine, sangria, Kentucky whiskey, Scotch whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, saki, and other drinks that happened to appear ready for consumption. Some included women of low reputation, high reputation, or no reputation and others did not. But the result was usually the same - a grandiose hangover that left me wondering if I would make it through the day.

Well, those  days are gone forever and have been for the last twenty or so years and I don't miss them a bit, not one single little bit. But I do miss the good times I supposedly had but can't remember much of. Were they really that good? Yes, and the hangovers were terrific!

So, here's wishing everyone a Happy and Clear-headed Fifth of July!


  1. I remember a few of those kinds of hangovers myself. Glad they are in the past too. I didn't talk that much about hangovers in my Days of Beer but made mention of them. That was my ode to the drinking days.

  2. These days the hangovers last longer than the good times which created them - and I can still have a good time without the drink, so I've cut back quite a lot.

    1. Good for you, Patsy. Drinking too much is not really fun.