Thursday, April 19, 2012

West of the Wolverine

No, it isn't about some feller named West, but a novel of violence and mayhem against one of their own. An outlaw family run by the boss, Hell Bender, attempts a bank holdup, but it failed and one of the outlaws, Jerry Bender, the youngest son, gets away with the help of a pretty young gal. Wal, this turns the old man and Jerry's older brother against him and they even threaten him with hanging for "going over to the other side." They heard Jerry had joined up with Hell's arch rival, Dennison, and had begun to make an honest living, having fallen head over heels for the gal who helped him escape, Sally Dennison. But, then the Dennison folks thinks he's been squealing to Bender about them, since he went to the town of Prosperity and supposedly told Bender something that ruined Dennisons' plans for his cattle and ranching. Poor Jerry can't do nothing right for either side and he's caught between the barbed wire and a fence post, except pretty gal Sally still believes in him. Anyway, it takes 156 pages of small print for everything to get worked out and untangled, the bad guys taken care of, the good guys winning, and true love finds a place (woops!, maybe not!).

I found this one by Paul Evan Lehman a rip-roaring, swashbuckling so to speak, tale of shooting-do's and shooting-don'ts interesting and it kept my attention to the very end, which I haven't quite reached yet.

Mr. Lehman is the author of several Westerns, including Pistols on the Pecos, Montana Man, Gun-Whipped,  and on and on, one of which, The Idaho Kid, was made into a movie. it said ( I was unable to find a bio of Mr. Lehman, but I will read more of his books when I run across them.

(For the next month or so, posts will be irregular due to other bounden duties, and I will apologize in advance.)  

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