Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Shorty on Saloons

I thoroughly enjoyed the last chapter of Saloons of the Old West by Richard Erdoes. It covers the last of the old-time saloons and the Prohibition Act in a fun and informative way. This movement of the non-drinkers got a big boost from Carrie Nation in Kansas and I think she still is still playing a role in the liquor laws of the State and elsewhere even though she passed away many years ago. The lingering effects. According to the book there were only two saloons that made it through prohibition, but many of them have been revived since, at least in name.

I will be selling books at the Surprise Arts Festival next Sunday for a couple of hours. The First Annual Art is Alive in Surprise Festival is being held at the Dream Catcher Park, 14535 W. Tierra Buena Lane, and my thanks goes out to Tammy Fraser of the Barnaby Street Shops and Gifts-to-Go for providing the booth for authors to publicize their works. Thanks, Tammy!


  1. I've never made a study of saloons and saloon names but I bet it would be fascinating.

  2. It would, like the Bucket of Blood and the Palace, which was anything but.

  3. Hi Oscar! I'm wondering what the beverage/brand of choice was at those saloons. Can you drop some names?

    1. Here's a couple: Apache Tears, a Tombstone brew; Bumblebee Whiskey; Red Disturbance; Tongue Oil; Joy Juice; Dust-Cutter; Block and Tackle; Jig Water; Lamp Oil; White Mule; Skull-bender; Panther P--s; Tornado Juice; Kickapoo Jubilee Whiskey; Gas Remover; and others. About every saloon had their own concoctions to separate the men from their money.