Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Horses, Horses, and More Horses

Woops! That ain't no Arabian! You ain't nuthin' but a stock-bred Paint with them markings, but you are kinda pretty-like.

We took the family to the Arabian Horse Show at Westworld in Scottsdale on Saturday, Feb 25, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves among the horses and the horse crowd. This show is an annual event that goes on for ten or twelve days. Next year it is scheduled for February 14-24, 2013.

We began our day with a Barn Tour for an up-close look at an Arabian horse. The tour guide was well versed in the subject and related some of the history of the Arabian horse and the differences in the bone structure. One of the barn horses was used to crowds and let the boys and girls touch his tongue and pat his head, feel his  skin, etc. and the two old barn dogs ran up and down the aisle demanding attention. This tour lasted maybe 45 minutes and by then I was thirsty not to mention hungry and it was nearly 11:00 AM. My breakfast bagel had worn off.  There were eight of us in our group and everyone wanted to go their own way, so I found a burger stand and had some chips and salsa and a bottle of water. About the time I had my fill, the others trickled in and had something to munch on.

By the way, there were about 2,500 horses participating over the days of the event and people come from all over (the world) to see the latest in horseflesh and display their talents.

The afternoon we found our seats and watched the horses and riders go through some of the events, the Arabian-English Pleasure Championship - Junior Horse, The Arabian Ladies Side Saddle Championship - Western, and the Arabian Western Pleasure Championship - AATR Select Rider. And the show continued with the Hunter Pleasure, Country English Pleasure Championships and etc. etc.

A couple of us (most of us) had seen enough riding (very professional, too) and trotted (well, meandered) down to the Round Pen to see the Scottsdale Horse Police show. It was CANCELLED! So we walked back to the arena and all of us went to get something substantial for a late lunch, like a hot dog, burger, cheese-burger, fries, cokes, etc., and the ladies were ready for shopping (groan). The males followed along and discouraged any buying in the two large buildings filled with shops and lucky for us nothing was purchased, a very unusual occurrence By then it was time to call it a day and we went home tired, at least I was from all the walking around.

Westworld occupies a large area in a flood control district of North Scottsdale. For this event there were five large horse stables and at least nine arenas plus all the shops, restaurants and barns. This is where they hold a lot of Wild West exhibits and car shows and auctions. If you ever go there, wear some comfortable walking shoes!