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Welcome and More Journal

I would like to welcome Michelle Miller of, Scott of, and Lisa of ....It Can't Rain All the Time to my blog. Today we continue on with the journal of a trip to Illinois in 1829.

"December 17th 1829 -
"Left Vances thence up the river on the south troubled with streams pulling in on the sounth bank for every three steps forward, lost four by slipping on the snow - walked hard all day and only made 14 1/2 miles to Flat rock, there crossed the river to the north side to Mr. Bowens as I supposed a Methodist was highly delighted with his prayer.
"Expenses $0.55

"December 18 - 1829
"At Flat Rock (Mr Bowens) passed up river to Defrance to Breakfast fine bottom land Mr. Clarks toe was blistered. 9 miles to Defrance at Defrance ferried over - Mr Scott breakfast Continue up the river on south side land very poor scrub oak plains and hills in abundance - up the river to an old Frenchmans looked more like the Devil than a human being dressed in buckskin hogs and hens lived in common with him in his house at Delaware town
Then up the river on the north side through some very fine bottoms up to Mr Hughes three miles when Capt W came in company with a Miss Platter and Mr. Clark and myself might follow one mile had to cross a bad stream - Capt W. and Mr. Clark undertook to cross on the ice Capt W - succeeded and Mr. Clarke broke through they left me to cross on but I contd at the mouth with the fair conductress Mr. Clark gave up crossing on the ice and afterwards crossed at the mouth in a canoe all arrived at the Platters about dark Capt W - very much smitten with the young Miss Mr. Clark was put to bed on the floor with the old lady sow, and Capt W - and myself bunked together we all slept rather uncomfortably that night - We had walked 21 miles that day
"Expenses $1.05

"December 19th 1829
[Can't decipher the first sentence.] Capt W. and Mr Clarke [gec?] me some oil on account said they were dirty as the devil continued up the river about 12 miles further to Mr Runyons some fine timbered bottom uncultivated land and bad streams to cross made only 15 miles in the whole day - Up lands not very good rather thiin and cold. My feet a little raw and hard walking - ground hove up with frost - Mr Reynols Capt W very far gone -----real hog and hominy concern. all turned and slept read and (?) and slept but little
Expenses $0.50

"December 20th 1829
"Sunday - took a luncheon in our packs 25 1/2 miles without a house - paid but little attention to land - bad streams , nothing but an Indian trail reached a house about sunset - within 3 1/2 miles of Ft Wayne - about 8 o'clock tired as hunting dogs a poor supper a dirty bed crossed ferry 1/4 miles below town -
"Expenses $0.44

"December 21. 1829
"In the morning took a lecture from Mr. Clarke on good manners had a poor breakfast took a walk to view the place about 500 inhabitants a more savage looking set seldom found who call themselves white . Saw aMr. Henderson and son did not make myself known to son - returned to the inn wrote to brother Leonard [Leonard - for whom Case Western Reserve University is named] paid bill at the Gerhard House - Expenses in all these $l.06 1/4 and started for White Raccoon an Indian Village 12 miles passed some wet prairie arrived at Raccoon village about dark with some difficulty it was that we could find a place to stay Indians not very conversant, Indians got a decent supper for them feasted sumptuously. A matress on the floor for bed rested hard the principle indian could understand and talk but would not
"Expenses %0.25

[We will start with Dec 22 next post.]   

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