Thursday, January 21, 2010

Books of the West - 8

The next book in this series chosen from my bookshelf, is Roy Bean, Law West of the Pecos, by C. L. Sonnichsen, The Devin-Adair Company, published by MacMillan Company in 1943.

Everybody has heard of the Law West of the Pecos in the name of Judge Roy Bean, that is, except for a few non-readers or non-movie goers who wouldn't take the time to read anything concerning Texas or the West or watch a Western movie. But the Judge is one of those characters that make life interesting, not for the outlaws, but for the rest of us who do like stories of the West. There is a picture of Roy and his family, Zulema, Little Roy, Roy, and Laura in the book, along with other photos, and you can tell by the photo that the Judge is different, naming his boys Little Roy and Roy.

This book explains the man with all his faults, humor, judicial wittiness, and common sense. It relates how he became the Law West of the Pecos and outlines several cases the Judge disposed of one way or another, and how the heavyweight championship fight between Fizimmons and Peter Maher was arranged to be held in Langtry, the little settlement where Bean lived, held court and had his saloon, the Jersey Lily. And what about Lily Langtry, the famous actress? Was she ever in Texas? All that is explained, too, in this book that is exciting and interesting to read.

(No money or gifts were received for mentioning this book.)

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