Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Re: Picture, Plus

If you look closely at the picture in the header, you will be able to make out a road that comes out of the gully on the left and heads into the valley between the cliffs. Where does it come from and where is it going? I could hazard a guess, but I won't. I can imagine myself walking into that canyon and never coming out. I'm so thirsty I could drink water from a puddle, if I could only find a puddle, I'm thinking, with the hot sun beating down on my head and shoulders. Do I have a gold mine in there? Am I running from the law? Or, am I a lawman looking for outlaws? I don't think I'd be doing the last alone unless I was Tom Horn. It's none of the above. Maybe I'm a painter looking for a good spot to set up my easel, or a photographer searching for the ultimate photo, or maybe even a writer searching for solitude among the rocks to knock out a few chapters of my new best seller.

Speaking of which, my novel set in Roosevelt, Utah, (known then as The Gulch) is in the final stages of preparation for publication and should be available in about a month or so. Titled The Bloody Gulch it's a story of Sheriff Bill Little and his tussle with .a some new cowboys who have settled on the CB Ranch and act like their fixing to take over the town. And the Sheriff also has the problem of Red Nose and Chimmy Royo, Ute Indians, who are always on the lookout to cause trouble. There is shooting, cattle rustling, assault, killing, and even a mite of romance as the Sheriff and his new Deputy, Archie Mahoney, work to make The Gulch a safe place in which to settle down and enjoy life. I can't wait to get my proof copy. I'll open a bottle of liquid refreshment, take a seat on the patio in this 80-degree weather, and read it aloud to my better half to see if we like it. I know I will.

Further details will be forthcoming as to availability, price, ordering, etc. I know you will want to share this  by picking up a copy.