Friday, March 3, 2017

Local Man (Sad But True Stories)

High Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Other Bad Decisions. That's a long title if you put it all together. This book by Publications International, Ltd., contains some of the weirdest, funniest, and odd situations that some people get into, including dumb crimes, bad diets, ghosts and UFO's, bad parents, and just plain stupidity. It's a compilation of all the bad things that happen and watch out, you may be next.

Anything to make somebody else a buck by writing this book and relating all these bad things that happen to dumb people is all right with me. In fact, I got a big chuckle out of most of the book and overall, I thought it was a fun read and is even copyrighted. Two hundred and seventy-two pages long, it provided me with many hours of entertainment as I waited in the car for the wife to shop, etc. I give it a solid three our of five stars.