Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Pretty Polly by Duane Spurlock

Duane Spurlock is one of my favorite writing people and runs the Spur and Lock Blog. Pretty Polly is one of his short stories and I have to say it is a good one.

Griswold Bear, aka Grizzly Bear, is a terrible bad person as shown by the cowboy hanging from a tree upside down. Grizzly's work, and he gets worse in the story and decides to visit the town of  Wicket. Grizzly gets into town and meets the sheriff, Sheriff Shoat. Shoat recognizes him, but since he's leaving town for a couple of days, tells Grizzly to visit Pretty Polly and enjoy a good time.

Grizzly pays a visit to Pretty Polly who works in the local saloon and ........  I have to leave off there before I tell too much, but if you want a good time, get ahold of this short story and laugh your ___ off. It's a well written, fun bit of writing.