Sunday, March 18, 2012


The photo is the north side of a portion of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve which sits in the northeast part of the city of Phoenix. This was taken from the south end of North 32nd Street where SR 51 freeway begins its cut though Dreamy Draw. It's nice to have a mountain in the middle of the city where people can get their exercise running up and down the sides of it and falling off, and having heat strokes and heart attacks. It has a magnetic attraction for the locals and tourists in need of a good walk or climb.


  1. You're right; that mountain is inviting. I'm within walking distance of hills that are great for the cardio workout. I can see them from my window as I sit at the computer living my usual sedentary life. Need to get out there more often, especially before the desert heat starts in again.

    1. Instead of actual walking, I just take pictures. You sound comfortable by the window.

  2. I'm in need of a good walk or climb myself.