Thursday, February 28, 2019

Review of The Battle for the Alamo Taqueria by Nick Iuppa and John Pesqueira

The Battle for the Alamo Taqueria is supposed to be a comical story based on today's news, and I'm not saying it isn't funny. I didn't enjoy it too well. A group of Mexicans plan a raid on the real Alamo to make a statement against the border wall. It comes about because an immigrant gets shot crossing the border illegally in South Texas.

Claudia Madero plans the invasion along with Emilio (the son of the King of Beans), as Claudia is the niece of the man who was shot. The message gets mixed up and while Claudio and Emilio head for The Alamo in San Antonio, the remainder of the invaders end up at the Alamo Taqueria a few miles on the outside of San Antonio in the midst of a wedding party.  Nacho (Francisco Alfredo Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez) and  Britney Fleming, a singer and Nacho's girlfriend) are in the group heading to the Alamo Taqueria. The place is surrounded by the U.S. Marines and the President of the U.S. and El Presidente of Mexico land there and try to straighten out the mess.

Clayton Bailey, a Texan, is the culprit who shot Claudia's uncle and he also shows up at the Taqueria, (The Best Tacos in the U.S.) to finish off Nacho who stole his girlfriend (Britney).

You can see where this novel has great potential to be funny and the authors do a good job of working on it, but it didn't hit my funny bone. I'm sure most readers would enjoy it and find it comical, but I can only muster up Three Stars for it, partly because it needed a better proofing. It moves along at a brisk pace and is easy to read, though.



  1. Does sound kind of interesting - Good to see you posting. Seems like most everyone I followed for years is disappearing.

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