Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Writer's Conference and . . .

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

I received a notice in the mail this week with information on the University of New Mexico Writer's Conference coming up Jul 24-31, 2016, in Santa Fe. There will be a Faculty and Editors, Agents & Guests to provide lots of information on writing and publishing. The cost excludes me, being  $700 for the week or $400 for the weekend. The conference used to be the Taos Summer Writers' Conference. Contact for more information.

Along with that, the New Mexico Book Coop has a very active schedule of events with a monthly luncheon, book signings, classes, and "Cover Reads", a promotional pub that goes out once a month. They have several Awards in their writing programs for Arizona and New Mexico stories. Contact: for more info.

Writing is a great pastime or career.


  1. Bit far for me to travel! Would like to attend more writer events though. I've been to very few.

  2. They are costly and usually not worth the time unless you have a specific problem or question.

  3. That is pretty expensive. I couldn't afford it either.

  4. Sounds like it might be a good conference but, wow, that is too rich for most writers blood. Not sure who they are trying to attract or keep out at that price. If it were cheaper and still in Taos, love that town, I might consider giving it a look.