Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sun City (The Retirement Capital of the West) Weather Report

Everyone in the U.S. of A., just about, knows when Arizona gets a little rain and this weekend is probably no exception. It started raining Friday night and has continued off an on through Sunday PM, dropping a mighty sum of water (about an inch-and-a-half) on Sun City. The snowbirds complain like the devil, but the year-round livers (literally) accept the rain as a special gift from Above. And to prove there has been a downpour, here is a picture of the clouds that precipitated it:

This picture (above) taken at approximately 3 PM shows a little break in the mighty storm that has been dropping all that rain.

And this one shows the partially dry streets with a truck that didn't get washed away. If it had been in the gulley at the end of the street it would have certainly been carried to the New River by the amount of water gushing down the gulley.

And here is a picture of a cloud that looks similar to a nuclear bomb explosion with the sun shining brightly on it in the aftermath of the terrible storm that brought so much rain to Sun City.

As the storm rolls passed this pic shows the clouds trying to re-group for the second blast that is coming tonight and Monday.

Of course, this is the week that starts the Waste Management Open Golf Tournament here in Scottsdale, the big party of parties where everybody gets sloshed on the inside and maybe the outside this week, although the sun is supposed to show itself starting late Tuesday through whenever. I hope what's-his-name's joints are not too bothered by all this bad weather. He has to make lots more money to make up for all the taxes California is costing him.


  1. Weather can be very funny. I live at low elevation (for Wyoming) a little over 4,000 feet and it has been a most mild winter. I played golf today in 65 degree weather. We could use some snow or rain here also very dry.
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    1. And I hear that the Salt Lake Airport was closed due to freezing with ice and snow. They are about the same elevation.

  2. LIke we say here sometimes. There was a ten percent chance of rain today and it's been ten percenting all damn day.

    1. And that adds up to 100% after awhile, or maybe more.

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